Thaksin’s ‘right’ quote

Thaksin's 'right' quote - April 2, 2005
Thaksin's 'right' quote at the parliamentary debate on the South was widely reported in many different ways:

Bangkok Post: "We are human, and humans make things right or wrong. I am now determined to undo what I have done wrong in the past," he said.

The Nation
(along with a goofy photo of Thaksin on the front page): "You can’t be 100-percent right or wrong. I have always tried to right any wrongs. Sometimes I get it right, sometimes not so right. I agree that violence breeds violence."
The Nation
website only carried half of the quote (right).

Below is a translation of Thaksin's complete initial statement from Matichon. It started with Democrat leader Abisit submitting 9 points to address in the conflict in the South. In Thai style he made a joke with wordplay saying something like: "I know you like number 9 so I have 9 proposals, but the urgent one is number 4 because I like number 4." (Number 9 was the party number for Thaksin's TRT in the last election and number 4 was the Democrat party number.)

Thaksin: I appreciate that the leader of the Democrat party gives me advice, but we have to accept that no human is 100% right or 100% wrong. We try to solve in ways that sometime is right and sometime is wrong. When I took a rest in Japan, I had time to reflect. For 9 suggestions of Abhisit, some are quite the same as we had, but it was not reported to people so they would know. I understand that we have the same idea on seeing the peace and the right way of practice.
I am sincere every time about setting up a commission such as the independent commission investigating the Takbai event. I will follow what it investigates and never intervene until they will finish investigation and make a proposal to rectify. The commission proposes to mend and we follow by passing a cabinet resolution. We always mend things, but it might not be systematic. For the National Reconciliation Commission, it will have complete freedom. If they want me to support any activities, I will only agree and stand with them.
For the 4 policies, the first one; zone division, actually we don’t divide into zones. That is not the policy. For the case of Takbai, I agree that everything must be fair and disclosed, but something cannot be revealed, because we have to protect the witnesses.
Economically we have tried, although it is halted, we must continue. For education, I agree that we accept that we neglected it, but we will improve. For culture and understanding, we will do 100% and monitor the officers' performance.
For foreign work, such as sending Thai military to Iraq, we send the technical and medical military for humanity because Muslim people are in trouble. This satisfied Iraq and increased cooperation among nations. The government will implement and support the National Reconciliation Commission.
Why I immediately respond to the leader of the Democrats is because I appreciate his creative advice so I give his honor to say that I admire you for your advice and I accept your 9 proposals. We must work together.
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