Traffic trouble spam

Traffic trouble spam - April 29, 2005
Electron cars? Flying cars? Green system? We keep getting this bizarre traffic-related spam. Don't miss their website.

{Note: It is not a spam, it is A LOVE AND DUTY, we assist BGFG propagate information of love, BGFG don't know herself. Please LOVE OUR 1000,000,000 CITY BROTHER AND SISTER (include yourself and your family), to decrease casualty in peacetime, and give city people tranquility and welfare, to create 21-CENTURY NEW MAINSTAY PEOPLE-SERVE INDUSTRY, it is a sort of charity}.
Traffic trouble is one of the greatest trouble of city people. It not only give city people great vexation, also deprive thousands men's life, gestating the man life tragedies. Please give love to city people, to propagandize and popularize the superconductive green traffic system. It is new inventing 21-century most advanced traffic system.
(In green traffic system, the cars of car-current like electrons in electric current under superconductive state), the resistance reduces to a minimum value, therefore 3 significant merits emerge:
1. Low Cost. No interchange and underground railway must be built to improve the city's traffic condition. The investment is much smaller, only 1/10 (or below) of common traffic road system, (from small city to very large city the total investment of whole city only 100M-450M USD), greatly decrease the tax burden of city people.
2.On road and at crossing can't form traffic jam, greatly decrease vexation of travelers and drivers.
3.Traffic accidents decrease approach to zero that greatly decreases casualties and man life tragedies in peacetime.
(Can contain flying cars)
Green traffic system shall give the people of your city happiness and tranquility, cast off bothersome traffic trouble.
Details see:
1. IF YOU ARE POOR MAN, Please you copy this letter and transmit to 10 (or above 10) your friends and relations. And 2 emails transmit to city officers, to urge them to set up green traffic system in their city.
2. IF YOU NOT A POOR MAN, AND IF YOU ARE A BIG CORPORATION OR OTHER ENTERPRISE, Please you invest this new mainstay industry, (can't invest, please YOU assist or support us purely, even less than US$ 10), to speedup this significant item's development. Our address and bank account see APPENDIX.
(The market of green traffic system about US$ 500,000millions, this enterprise shall become 21-century new mainstay industry. So the investors not only have helped city people, also God rewards themselves great chances for their benevolence).
TO THE INVESTORS AND OTHER PEOPLE, if you can't believe it is a real fact, please see the details in website: or attend the learned conference. (see )....
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