Waterworld fears again

Waterworld fears again - April 30, 2005
If the mid-1990s there was a run on land in the north because fears of a 'waterworld'--Thailand being soon inundated by rising ocean levels. This was stoked by many stories and musings in the Thai-language press. Today a similar story appeared: Residents of Lampang could someday live near the seashore - Bangkok Post, April 30, 2005.
Thailand's coastline could touch the northern province of Lampang after the widespread melting of the polar ice caps dramatically increases sea levels worldwide, a scientist said yesterday.
"It is possible the sea will move up to Lampang, about 600 kilometres north of Bangkok,'' Chirapol Sintunawa, of Mahidol University's faculty of environmental sciences, told a press briefing yesterday on global warming's effects on Thailand.
"Scientists can't tell when the inundation will occur, but it is very likely the progression of the ice melting and resulting rising sea levels will be clearly seen in the next three years,'' he said.
Mr Chirapol's study on the possible effects of global warming will be presented at Environment Fair 2005...
"There is no doubt that southern and central regions of Thailand will lie under the sea if we cannot stop the ice cap from melting soon,'' said Mr Chirapol...
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