Bangkok’s floating forest

(Photo: Danny)

Bangkok's floating forest - March 2, 2005
Danny reports: I was down at Rama III Road last week and visited a park adjacent to the Rama 9 Bridge (NW side of bridge). Whilst the park was very green and had a good amount of shade, I was surprised by the amount of tree trunks in the area and near the river. Not just near but actually on the river! Sawn logs floating on the the river adjacent the park.
I have many times seen loads of floating logs, chained together, being transported up river, usually at night when river traffic is low. I have always wondered about the origin and destination of these logs, (sawmills up river?).
However, these logs, which I estimated to number over 1000, seem to have been 'stored' at the site for many months as one can tell from the moss and state of the logs. Although, there are some makings on all the logs most likely related to grading, there is no indication as to their destination.
The logs do seem to be a good playground for some children and provide a fishing pier for fisherman.
I was wondering if anyone could give some information on these logs.

[Note that all four mega-bridge pillars are visible in the distance in two of the photos.]

(Photo: Danny)

(Photo: Danny)

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