Van VDO goes underground

Van VDO goes underground - March 7, 2005
Anyone familiar with Bangkok's incredible selection of pirated classic films will have seen the Van VDO logo at the beginning of many copy DVDs. After years of operating openly from a stall in Jatujak Market, Van sent this message to his mailing list:
Dear Valued clients,
Due to the matter of the current rigor enactment of Copy Right Act which seriously had impeded us to continue our business, we regret to announce that we have to stop our business at Jatujak Flee Market since now. Please be accordingly informed that we has no policy to open any new store, branch or had distributors or agents to sell or dispense our products at any new places.
However, we still provide the service for clients to order by email. Therefore, those who are interested are able to view the film list and details of how to order via the web site and email address below. (Password required, type vanvdoon to enter the site)
We realize that this method possibly caused inconvenience to some clients. But this is the only channel for maintaining and nourishing our relationship as well as exchanging film experiences and perspectives with clients.
Finally, we would like to thank for all your mighty supports to our business up to now and we hope that you would enjoy watching your favorite films. Also, please support the less opportunity but enriched films in quality for letting them more chances to public present in theatre as it will encourage and favorably support the film producers and distributors to continuously in long term basis provide you such gorgeous films as the same as we had performed to our clients from the past until now.
Best regards,
Van' VDO.
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