(Not) Bangkok in 1957

(Photo: Unknown)

(Not) Bangkok in 1957 - March 10, 2005
On the forum Tom notes: Very interesting to see these photos on the front-page today, but they are definitely NOT showing Bangkok in 1957.
The second photo at the Democracy Monument is showing both Mercedes W110 (built 1961-1968) and W114/115 (1968-1976). So technically not possible as these cars did not exist in 1957. So guess at least the second photo is from the end sixties.

We have added another street scene from the set below. We believe it of Charoen Krung Road with the rise in the distance being a bridge over Khlong Ong Ang.
Earlier: Bangkok, 1957 - March 8, 2005
Andrew passed along these interesting photos of Bangkok in 1957 that are being circulated by email.

(Photo: Unknown)

(Photo: Unknown)
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