BMA English-language ads

BMA English-language ads - February 2, 2005
Terry writes: The BMA Tourist Authority has run a series of full-page advertisements in the Bangkok Post over the last month or so. The adds highlight various tourist spots around the city. They are all well-illustrated with obvious attention to the graphic layout. The other thing that they have in common is the absolutely appalling English.
The first few sentences of one article: "At Charoenkrung Road between Soi 26 and 28 locates a place all the tourists who are sure having been around every alley of Bangkok but never realize that this unseen place still exists. This mention place is "Rare Stone Museum." This is the fist place in Thailand where exhibits rear stones by gathering stones from diverse sources around the world."
The final paragraph reads: "For those who have some spare times, spending time in the museum where displaying natural and human products increases knowledge and pleases your life as well as develops the life quality to urban people. Each museum comes from taxes you paid, so all Thais and foreigners who are here please be invited regarding your interest."
My guess is that they are spending millions of baht on this campaign but nothing on proofreading.
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