Something about Boney M

Something about Boney M - February 10, 2005
While much of the world has heard of Boney M, they are unknown in the States and Americans are perplexed when they first hear their odd songs that are often played in Thailand. Nils writes: Wasn't Boney M mentioned at the last 2Bangkok meeting? Well, yesterday I heard "Hooray! Hooray! It's a holi-holiday" being played in Ploenchit Center...... couldn't believe my ears. Have a look here. They were of course utter crap, but once very big in Germany (and elsewhere) during the disco fever of the late 70s. I was too young then to catch them in their heyday, but nevertheless I still remember some of the songs from my childhood in the early 80s.
* Rasputin - from this album
* Ma Baker
* Rivers of Babylon
* Brown Girl in the Ring
* and of course... Daddy Cool!
Some of it is so bad that in a way, it's good again, and today they are regarded as cult by some.
The group was originally a creation of infamous German pop producer Frank Farian, also fondly remembered for the Milli Vanilli scandal a decade later... The interesting thing was that 'Bobby', the male lead singer, couldn't sing and his voice was actually that of Mr. Farian, I think. His job was only to dance and make antics on stage. Boney M on Wikipedia
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