Thaksin’s ‘bitter medicine’

Thaksin's 'bitter medicine' - translated and summarized from Thairath, January 2, 2005
There are many critics of Premier Thaksin who gave him several doses of bitter medicine [criticism] in 2004:
1) Ajarn Theerayut Boonmee - regular bitter doses - with the most better taste of all
2) Banyat Banthatthan - regular better dose with punches from the Democrat Party
3) Dr. Ammar Siamwala - regular doses - bitter to the last drop
4) Dr. Sumet Tantiwetchakul - bitter dose from the Heavens [Dr. Sumet has worked with His Majesty so the bitter dose Dr. Sumet gave to Premier Thaksin is assumed to be coming from His Majesty.]
5) Anand Panyarachun - the bitter dose which Premier Thaksin has to take without hesitation
6) Chamlong Srimuang - a bitter dose from a close friend
7) Dr. Prawet Wasee - bittersweet medicine
8) Dr. Kasem Watthanachai - bitter dose from another close friend mixed with a bitter dose from the Heavens [Dr. Kasem is now working with His Majesty on Privy Council]
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