Gradual moderation at The Nation

Gradual moderation at The Nation - January 8, 2005
During the last few months, as it has becomne obvious nothing can halt Thaksin's ascent to a second term, the once belligerient Nation has moderated its editorial stance and the most strident editorials are gone.
EDITORIAL: A CEO comes into his own? - The Nation, January 07, 2005
...Overall, Thaksin appears to have succeeded, at least so far, in getting done what needed to be done in the worst of situations.
At the same time, he also succeeded in convincingly portraying himself as the man of the hour, an image he hasn't always succeeded in painting. However callous it may sound, Thaksin and his Thai Rak Thai Party may well reap political dividends for the general election on February 6...
STREETWISE: Capitalising on a crisis - The Nation, January 07, 2005
Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra has never been out of the public eye throughout the past four years. Distinguishing him from his predecessors is his bottomless supply of opinions on nearly every issue...
The Nation still does a good job illunimating the factions within TRT and sometimes baiting the various personalities:
Suwat’s spot on party list rankles old guard - The Nation, January 07, 2005
...This reflects newcomer Suwat’s clout in Thai Rak Thai and how Thaksin rates him personally. It remains to be seen how Suriya, who everyone knows cannot see eye to eye with Suwat, will handle the latter’s fast-track rise within the party rank and file.
...Adding to the intrigue, Suriya’s relations with Thaksin came under greater scrutiny recently, when it was reported that the Thai Rak Thai secretary-general joined a conspicuous meeting at a London restaurant with political veteran Sanan Kachornprasart, a key architect of the newly formed Mahachon Party. Suriya was reportedly accompanied by another key Thai Rak Thai figure, Somsak Thepsuthin.
Thaksin is known always to be unhappy whenever a senior member’s leverage in his party becomes too strong...
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