Pro-Government forumers who are hired to spin debate on forums

Government flames? - January 6, 2005
We had been looking for a good example of pro-Government forumers who are allegedly hired to spin debate on forums (and on call-in radio shows). Wisarut came across a possible example: The plan for cutting subway ticket prices to 10 baht for the first 3 stations and 15 baht overall has become a controversial issue. Many feel happy with this kind of vote buying, but many also feel worried about poor service after the price reduction along with the continuing political football between BMCL and MRTA. Many who feel this are relentlessly flamed by government forumers allegedly hired by Thai Rak Thai to attack opposite viewpoints. Look and you will see lots of flames and red herrings: Matichon, BTS board 1, 2, 3, Manager, and mThai
. Here is a short 2B thread in English on the subject (with no flames).
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