In Praise of Purachai

In Praise of Purachai - The Nation, January 8, 2005
Purachai was often a figure of scorn according to many expats for his audacity in enforcing laws, especially nightlife regulation. From the Thai perspective, he is yet another 'good guy' who is too clean to work effectively within the system: ...Thai Rak Thai insiders have done their best to keep Purachai's problematic working style a private matter, but accounts of how "difficult" he was persistently found their way into public forums. It's hard to believe, still, that such shortcomings make an apparently honest man with a good agenda unsuited for Thai politics, whereas those with far uglier flaws continue to thrive. The rise and fall of Purachai seem to confirm that politics is about compromise and flexibility, whether for better or worse, and rigidity could be the biggest liability of all...

Earlier articles:
Purachai calls it a day on politics ‘for family’- The Nation, January 6, 2005
...Purachai was widely tipped as a successor to Thaksin in the early days of the Thai Rak Thai government.
But his abrasive personality undermined his position in the party and the popularity of the party itself...

Purachai as PM? - The Nation, December 28, 2003
“Let’s draft Purachai as leader of a new party!” This suggestion was heard in some quarters. He appears a possible choice since his political future has become uncertain. After being moved from interior to justice – where he rubbed somebody who must be reckoned at the ministry the wrong way – he was shifted to an obscure place among several Thaksin deputies at Government House, with unsung assignments.
...There are hard-core members of the now defunct Palang Dharma Party who will back him. Political campaign funds can come from anonymous contributors who want to see Thaksin face a formidable challenge. It would be nice if the Democrat, Chat Thai and Chat Pattana parties would join hands and declare their support for Purachai as prime minister.

Purachai's star - The Straights Times, May 13, 2002
Mr Purachai's efforts have put him high on public polls and he has received support from the much-revered constitutional monarch, King Bhumibol Adulyadej. But, says Mr Thongbai: '...nobody in the government is on his side.'...
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