Royal astrologers’ predictions for 2005

Royal astrologers' predictions for 2005 - translated and summarized from Manager, January 10, 2005
The old Royal astrologers' had made predictions about the future as follows:
* Many good rice fields and orchards have become villages forcing the farmers and orchard owners to be under the yoke of agribusiness.
* Lazy men will die from starvation.
* Mountains will move.
* Land will walk.
* Monks will not follow the Abbots.
* Lord of demons will fight against the king.
* Monks will loot and pillage the cities.
* The streams and canals will be narrowed.
* Even rice husks will be pricier than gold.
* Chickens, hogs, dogs and men will die without getting sick first.
* New diseases will eat human beings.
* People with projecting suits will come to rescue the dead.
* Failed real estate projects will eat people's money.
* Men will drink water from artesian wells reserved for the Lord of Naga.
* The poor will roam the cities.
* The monks in saffron robes will have wives.
* Couples will have too few children.
* Wildlife will be extinct.
* While talking, people will raise their tails like angry animals.
* The noblemen will beg like vagabonds.
* People will go to battlefields.
* Corpses will be scattered around the cities.
Update: ttaaee points out on the forum: I think the above predictions were a little taken out of the context. It says in the article in Manager that this was only an excerpt of predictions, yet not the whole, about the future. I guess the author of the article only chose this part of the predictions because it seems to produce a shocking effect on the readers.
Also: Fasten your seatbelts, please - The Nation, January 10, 2005
Those looking for business articles in the the business section of The Nation were greeted by a month by month breakdown of Matichon's astrologer's report for Thailand in 2005.
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