Advice from the city of Yangon

Advice from the city of Yangon - January 17, 2005
The Public Relations and Information Department of the City of Yangon has advice for tourists. Besides the general travel's advice that is similar to that for Thailand (also interesting is Don't stamp on Monk's shadow) there is this advice on dealing with Officialdom: ACCEPT THAT THE BUREAUCRAT IS RIGHT
He knows more about the matter at hand that you do. He'd been doing it. He knows how it is to be done and not done. He knows what is allowed and not allowed. For every argument of yours he has one to better it. Don't argue. There is a maxim: 'The bureaucrat is always right especially when he is wrong.' Accept it.
One course to follow to get out of the way of the bureaucrat is to observe the regulations however irksome or irrational. If you don't know what they mean, ask him. He might be pleased. On the other hand, he might be irritated. You can't win. You see what I mean?
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