Thailand chopped

Thailand chopped - December 22, 2004

In this politically charged time, a slight like this will be taken seriously. Expect this to be on the front pages of Thai-language papers tomorrow.
Wisarut reports: Many Thai netters are angry at the The best of the world website which chops the whole Southern region of Thailand (and includes it in Malaysia).

Ireland too!
Peter Leonard points out: That silly site you featured on as having made a bit of a mess of Thailand have also messed up Ireland. If you go to the Europe section and hover over Ireland it says "United Kingdom" and if you hover over Northern Ireland (which is part of the UK) it says "Ireland." I think the people at "The Best In The World" just don't have a clue about geography, and the least they could have done was checked these things out.


More mistakes
Danny observes: ...the island of Tasmania has become an independent state from the Commonwealth of Australia.
Mats points out: They also gave the French island of Corsica to Italy.
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