Tokyo Ski Dome demolished

Tokyo Ski Dome demolished - December, 2004
[Visitors to Tokyo will recall this unique indoor slope.]
In 1993 the Ski Dome SSAWS (located in Chiba, Tokyo, Japan), which stands for Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter Snow, opened its doors. In 2004 it was gone. SSAWS, also known as Tokyo Ski Dome was the worlds first and largest indoor ski area ever built. Even in the hottest Summer you could enjoy skiing on a 500 meter snow covered slope with a 80 meter vertical drop.
Unfortunately it was not as successful as planned and closed its doors in 2001. After a lengthy planning period the demolishing of SSAWS started in Autumn 2003 leaving the whole area covered in fine white dust for months. This documentations shows impressions of the demolishing until the end in Spring 2004 and gives you an idea how huge this building was.
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