Thaksin must win the upcoming general election

Thaksin must win the upcoming general election - The Nation, December 12, 2004
[This article is a good example of the baiting of the Chat Thai Party and its leader, former PM Banharn, that has appeared in both the Thai and English-language press.]
...Thaksin needs to win at all costs because he stands to lose a lot if his party fails to take a simple majority in the House. During his election campaign, in addition to the lip service and promises of bread in the skies for the poor and the gullible, he has also poured contempt on the Chat Thai Party, a submissive and subservient coalition partner.
Chat Thai leader Banharn Silapa-archa has had to swallow blood and try hard to hide his anger and bitterness. But beyond the pain of being at the receiving end of all things done and undone is the desire to be in the government, which overrides all other considerations, including good sense, political dignity and the requirement by the Constitution to serve the public...
Thaksin’s promises of a good life for all people and an end to poverty will be haunting him to produce quick results before the poor and the gullible realise that they have been taken for a free ride.
If that happens they might come to realise that those in power have been amassing wealth beyond the ability of most people to understand...
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