A tale of two newspapers: The Democrats’ rally

A tale of two newspapers: The Democrats' rally - December 20, 2004
For once the Post has more details than The Nation in its report on the Democrats kickoff election campaign. It also stresses the structural details that prevented the opposition from monitoring the government.

Pledge to rein in govt power - Banyat: Time to end rule by 'dictatorship' - Bangkok Post, December 20, 2004
...He alleged the government, its close aides and relatives had vested interests in state projects. One cabinet member was dubbed "Mr 20%'' for demanding commission fees for government projects, he said, while declining to reveal the person's name.
The Democrats had found irregularities in 25 projects involving more than 25 million baht, Mr Banyat said.
"I can guarantee that if we have sufficient votes, Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra will be unmasked to show how he has a vested interest in government projects,'' he said...

Democrats’ call ‘Time to take back country’: Banyat pleads to voters to reclaim ‘ruined’ nation from ‘dictatorship’ - The Nation, December 20, 2004
...“It’s time to bring down the dictatorship and restore the country, which has been badly ruined by the Thai Rak Thai government,” party leader Banyat Bantadtan said at a party convention at the Thai-Japan Youth Welfare Centre.
“There is no single period in our history in which the government leader has abused state authority to benefit his clan and has turned a blind eye to the violation of human rights as has been the case with this government,” he said...
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