A tale of two newspapers: The government fair

Typically in "A tale of two newspapers" 2Bangkok.com shows the differences in the English-language dailies, but today we are highlighting an unusual and nearly identical run of facts, quotes and details.
Major parts of both articles in the Post and Nation are translated from this Thai-language article in Matichon or this article in ThaiPost (both have the same interview with a 'Mrs. Nakorn Saetang'). The Post translation turns out a bit more negative. The Nation saves its negative comments for a separate thesaurus-emptying editorial (see below).

Buses throng to TRT fair from all over - People get money, food and transport to attend - Bangkok Post, November 6, 2004

...About 500 buses were lined up in the car park at Impact Arena, one of the country's leading trade exhibition and concert venues. One visitor, Nakhon sae Tang who travelled from Khon Kaen, said that she was told to get on the bus by an MP. "I don't know the details of the fair. I'll check it out once I'm in. All I know is that there are lots of free stuff,'' she said. Mrs Nakhon did not know if she would come back. ``It depends on if the MP provides transportation. And I'll have to see if I'm free to come again,'' she said. A visitor from Buri Ram said that people from every district there were invited to come to the fair. He said those from Muang district received 1,000 baht each while those from other districts received about 300-400 baht each to come to the fair.

He said two buses brought people from each district, but six buses were used in Muang district.

"We left at 10pm on Friday and stopped at gas stations and waited for each other. We had plenty of food and drinks all the way to Bangkok. We sang karaoke too."

A group of housewives from nearby Ayutthaya said that they were approached by a village head to visit the fair. ``He invited me to get on a bus to Muang Thong Thani, and said that the prime minister would be giving away facial cream. If he really does, I'd like to have some,'' said one member of the group.

GOVERNMENT EXHIBITION: TRT dishes out goodies to tempt voters - The Nation, November 6, 2004

...About 500 buses had taken thousands of visitors from various provinces to the venue at Muang Thong Thani.
Nakhon Saetang of Khon Kaen said her local MP urged her to make the trip.

"I had no idea what the event would be like but was told there would be a lot of hand-outs. I've never seen this kind of event from any government. It's like a temple fair with a lot of gifts," she said.

A visitor from Buri Ram said residents were given Bt300-Bt1,000 each to travel to the event, all from the coffers of the Buri Ram provincial administrative organisation.

A housewife from Ayutthaya province said a community leader told her to visit the exhibition. "I don't mind having a face-lift cream as a gift," she said...
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