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On the forums - November 23, 2004
Wisarut points out some interesting threads on the Thai-language forums.
* Debate on origami cranes for southern provinces
* MOD cooperating with Datuk Nideh Waba for southern peace
* Criticism of origami cranes to the South
* Activist condemning the surge of nationalism as "Right kill Left" with reciprocal responses to those activists as "the Old Communists"
* Farmers from all region of Thailand are going to the South to help the Southerners farm
* Democrat condemning TRT for 5 evils
* Those traitors are going to ask the UN to destroy our Motherland
* Debate on the new generation of Thai Muslims
* Warning about another wave of violence from Satun senator
* Shiekul Islam approving the origami cranes for the South
* Shiekul Islam approving the origami cranes for the South (2)
* Luangpoo Buddha Issara asking to extinguish the southern flame
* Senator Jon Ungbhakorn's criticism of Right-leaning media
* The reaction to police who shot two agitators in the South
* Supreme Commander worrying about the new generation on the southern insurgency issue
* Bush approving Premier Thaksin's measures for the southern insurgency
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