“Winds calm” at Ko Samui?

"Winds calm" at Ko Samui? - November 26, 2004
Cormac writes: I've always suspected that most of the online weather reports for Thailand are never updated, and just have a vague summary of that season's weather. "Mostly sunny" in the dry season, "mostly cloudy with some showers" in the wet season.

As Typhoon Muifa lashes the Gulf of Thailand on the afternoon of November 25, 2005, here are the online weather reports:

CNN's forecast for Ko Samui at 5:22 pm (below right): Mostly Cloudy, Wind: SW at 6 mph (10 km/h)

Weather Underground's widely syndicated report on Ko Samui at 6:41pm (left): Chance of T-Storms... Wind: Calm, Wind Gust

Yahoo/Intellicast (below left): Scattered showers and thunderstorms. High around 85F. Winds ENE at 10 to 15 mph. Chance of rain 60%.
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