British Embassy to sell land in Bangkok

British Embassy to sell land in Bangkok - UPI, November 25, 2004
The British government is going ahead with a major redevelopment of its Bangkok embassy and will be selling a huge chunk of its prime land.
Ambassador David Fall said the plans to sell four acres of the present 12-acre site were "an open secret," even though there has been no formal announcement and the deal is waiting for the go-ahead from London, Business Day reported Thursday.
The scheme could be delayed or even postponed by the softness in the Bangkok property market or by the firmness of sterling.
In the meantime, a London firm has been commissioned to design new housing to accommodate embassy staff who would be displaced by the sale.
The British Embassy, then a legation, moved to its present site in 1926, when it was a remote, rural spot. A statue of Queen Victoria moved from the old legation was the first structure on the new site.
During World War II, the statue of Queen Victoria was boarded up, but the Japanese occupiers provided a peephole so that the old queen would not be too upset. The British legation became an embassy in 1947.
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