How to float diesel fuel?

How to float diesel fuel? - November 2, 2004
Wisarut reports: Most people agree with the professors at the Thai Chamber of Commence University that the Fuel Funds and the excise tax on fuel, license plates, and automobiles should be used to subsidize Skytrain-Subway tickets.
Subsidizing cheap diesel is not working at all. The government still is about 100 billion in debt from fuel subsidies. This will compel the floating of the price of gasoline, but what about diesel? They will eventually have to float the price of other fuels as well, but how can they gradually increase the diesel price without hurting their election prospects?
More automobiles (imported and assembled locally) have been registered and fuel importation has hit a high--a sure sign of the failure of campaigns for the reduction of fuel consumption since the government is unwilling to offend vested interests and they want to please voters too much.
The opinion on the subway subsidies by fuel tax can be seen here.
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