100 firsts that shaped Bangkok

100 firsts that shaped Bangkok - The Nation, October, 1 2004
...Bangkok's first land thoroughfare, Charoen Krung Road, opened in 1860, the same year the Siamese first glimpsed ice. The Kingdom's first telegraph line was established in1883, and the first railway - the Paknam Line - in 1891. Chao Phraya Surasakmontri imported the country's first car in 1897, as well as the first telephone.
Another first for Bangkok, the Rama VI Bridge, came in 1926. Bangkok's skyline, of course, knew no high-rises in earlier times. Its vast sprawl of wooden houses rose no more than three storeys. Only its palaces and temples pierced the horizon. Factories were small and covered with palm leaves, most of them situated along the Chao Phya's banks...
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