What’s happening

What's happening

Lightning destroys ancient pagoda - TNA, October 12, 2004
...Phra Ngen Chedi, known to locals simply as the ‘giant chedi’, was struck at around 16.30 hrs, sending bricks and sand from the back of the chedi flying out in all directions.
... As soon as people realised what had happened, they rushed to remove their parked cars from the area, he said, adding that local people were afraid that the chedi could collapse further in heavy rain.
Phra Ngen Chedi, built in 1008 by Mon immigrants, was originally part of a larger temple complex which was later abandoned...

Thailand to celebrate 200th birthday of King Rama IV - TNA, October 12, 2004
...Bangkok’s Wat Bovorn Niwet Vihara will join temples of the Dharmayukti sect all over the country and overseas in the anniversary celebrations on 18 October, according to Phra Phrommuni, an assistant abbot at the temple...

Heli Asia 2004 - Day 1: Bangkok's Presidential Tower fire rescue relived by those who were there - October 12, 2004
With the backdrop of televised scenes from the Meridien Presidential Tower fire that occurred in downtown Bangkok in July 1997, helicopter crew members who helped rescue 93 people from the building’s roof that day related their roles to delegates attending Heli Asia 2004’s inaugural event, the Breeze Eastern Airborne Hoist Workshop.
Led by pilot Major Swangkit, the crewmen from the Thai Police Aviation Department described the problems they faced, not least of which was the need to winch down onto the rooftop an officer to control the crowd of desperate people frantic to leave their temporary haven at the earliest possible moment...
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