Lube Oil Shop Fire – One-hour wait for chemicals to douse blaze

Lube Oil Shop Fire - One-hour wait for chemicals to douse blaze - Bangkok Post, October 16, 2004
[Not a major story, but since we happened to have a photo of this blaze, here's the details. The Sathorn business district and the surrounding areas do seem to have a consistent series of fires.]

...The blaze, which broke out at 11.30am at one shop belonging to Krissada Jiravipattanond caused panic in the community as it was opposite a petrol station and just 50 metres away from a cooking gas cylinder store.
A fleet of large and small fire engines rushed to the scene but it took an hour before chemical foam--the appropriate extinguisher for an oil fire--arrived.
The situation worsened as fire fighters pumped waste water that was mixed with run-off lube from sewage pipes to put out the fire as there was only one hydrant...
It was not the first blaze in the area. Two years ago, a fire broke out at a shophouse selling electric appliances.
" We feel unsafe having shops selling hazardous goods in our community. It's like bombs being planted everywhere," said Rad Vanagodha, a resident...

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