Bush website adopts isolationist stance

Bush website adopts isolationist stance - The Register, October 27, 2004
Thanks Jeremy for passing along this link: International access to the official re-election website of Us President George W. Bush (www.georgewbush.com) has been blocked. Surfers from outside the US trying to reach the site receive an "access denied" message...
Yesterday: George Bush's election site unreachable from Thailand? - October 27, 2004
It seems GeorgeWBush.com remains unreachable from Thailand.
KSC tech support helpfully checked out the site and said it was not accessible via 'any' of the Thai ISPs (perhaps the Bush site webmasters are blocking Thai ISPs because of attacks on their servers). KSC then insisted the .com URL was wrong and the actual site is GeorgeWBush.org. However this site is a parody campaign site.
John Kerry's site is accessible.
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