Aviation in Thailand

Aviation in Thailand - October 1, 2004
...There is some confusion over whether Prince Chakrabongse or Prince Purachatra was the first Thai to leave the ground in an airplane, though the newspaper accounts suggest that it was the latter, on a test flight the day before the demonstrations officially opened. In any event, both certainly flew - "in uniform with riding boots and spurs", according to Lords of Life by Prince Chakrabongse's son - and so did numerous others, paying 50 baht for the experience. The first foreigner to glimpse Bangkok from the air was identified as a "Mr. F. Bopp" and the first Thai woman appears to have been the Princess of Nagorn Chaisri.
...Further developments in Thai aviation proceeded rapidly thereafter. Don Muang was ready for occupancy within a few months, and the first plane, a Nieuport, landed there on March 8. (Bangkok's airport, it might be noted parenthetically, is the oldest in the world still being used in its original location; no road connected it with the city in the early days, the only access being by railway on the northern line, which passed the site.)...
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