Ruling party spokesman claims coup plan against Thai government

Ruling party spokesman claims coup plan against Thai government - AP, September 30, 2004
A spokesman of Thailand's ruling party created a stir Thursday by claiming that a group of people opposed to Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra's government are planning a military coup.
Suthin Klangsaeng, a member of Parliament and deputy spokesman of the Thai Rak Thai party, did not name anyone but hinted that the group consists of military officers close to a London-based businessman who recently made corruption allegations against the government.
"The group of people who have long been opposed to this government are planning to stage a military coup," Suthin told reporters.
Speaking separately, Thaksin refused to confirm or deny the allegation.
"Let it be the internal matter of my party," Thaksin replied cryptically when asked by reporters to comment on Suthin's remarks.
When Thaksin was in Europe on an official trip, rumors were swirling in political circles last week about an alleged coup attempt, linking it with the London-based tycoon, Ekkayuth Anchanbutr. He was not immediately available for comment...
However, observers discount the possibility of the military mounting a coup and jeopardizing Thailand's reputation in the international financial and business community as a stable investment base.
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