Government pressures TV stations over Ekkayuth allegations

Questions over TV coverage - The Nation, September 10, 2003
Despite having his name splashed across front-page newspaper headlines over the past few days, combatant tycoon Ekkayuth Anchanbutr has been virtually shut out from TV news amid reports of government interference in the broadcast media's coverage of his anti-establishment allegations.
Some TV stations reported the news by focusing on the government's reactions and only displaying Ekkayuth's photograph.
Two presenters from the Nation Channel were "told to leave" the Army-run programme "Thuk Phid Khid Eng" on Channel 5 after a live interview on Monday with Ekkayuth, in which he asserted that up to 30 politicians were involved in stock manipulation. Host Teera Tanyapaibul was conducting a phone interview with Ekkayuth when a man claiming to represent the show's owner, The Media, called the Nation Channel's office to dismiss Teera and co-host Kanok Ratwongsakul.
New presenters hosted Tuesday's show.
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