Revised Hollywood Buddha poster

Revised Hollywood Buddha poster - September 11, 2004
The Hollywood Buddha film, which created controversy last week, will have a new poster.
The short statement from the filmmaker is, in itself, somewhat humorous and feckless. Philippe Calanad: I have made a movie called "Hollywood Buddha," that itself has only respect and admiration for the positive power and great significance of the peaceful message of the Buddha...
Further, I did not understand the image was offensive, or I never would have allowed its use in any way...
The film never makes fun of Buddhism or any religion, but instead shows how frauds commercialize religion for their own gain...

Some statements about the film is Thai are here: Thai Temple

Thai government to ban culturally insensitive foreigners: report - AFP, September 12, 2004
The Thai government will ban foreigners from the kingdom who break serious cultural rules as laid out in an official etiquette book it plans to produce...

Earlier: Matichon: "Buddhism Humiliated" - September 8, 2004
Front page photos of disrespectful Buddhist imagery are a popular staple of Thai newspapers. There are typically two flaps a year over something like this. Media watchers will remember the Buddha underwear and Buddha sandals from earlier this year. The latest instance is the poster for a Hollywood film. The poster is here.
(from Buddhist Thais Seethe at Hollywood Film Poster - Reuters, September 7, 2004): ...The public outcry was raised after the Thai-language newspaper Matichon published the poster on its front page on Tuesday with the caption, "Buddhism Humiliated."
The advertisement features Caland, who also stars in the YBG Productions film, sitting atop a Buddha statue with his feet -- the least holy part of the body to Thai Buddhists and never pointed at anyone -- dangling by its eyes...
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