Bangkok’s first art-film theater

Bangkok's first art-film theater - August 10, 2004
Don Entz reports on Bangkok's new art-film theater, House: It's in the UMG Building of RCA. We took the subway to Rama IX Station (I think Phetchburi Station is just as close), then a taxi the rest of the way.
Just tell the driver to go to RCA Tops, as Tops Supermarket is prominently inside the same building. Tickets were 100 baht, but we were there in the afternoon; don't know if it goes up in the evening... We will definitely go back.
Of what's showing now, I strongly recommend "The Barbarian Invasions," which won this years Oscar for Best Foreign-Language Film; "The Ladykillers," alas, is as I feared, a vastly substandard remake of the classic Alec Guinness movie. This new version of "The Ladykillers" now easily replaces "The Hudsucker Proxy" as my least favorite Coen Brothers film.
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