Tesco security guards in China execute shoplifters

Tesco security guards in China execute shoplifters - NamNews, August, 2004
Tesco bosses have launched an urgent inquiry after security guards at its new stores in China executed two suspected shoplifters. One of the alleged thieves was drowned in a canal and the other was beaten to death. The killings were carried out at stores in northern China before Tesco clinched a £140m deal to take over the outlets owned by Hymall. A Tesco source said, "We had just finished celebrating the deal when news filtered through about a body in a canal. "Then we found out another man died at a different store, but we have been assured this is not normal practice." A Tesco spokesman added: "They've had one or two incidents with security staff there." The supermarket giant takes full control of 25 Hymall stores at the end of the month and 10 new stores are due to open next year.
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