‘Sex’ and the city state

'Sex' and the city state - The Nation, August 16, 2004
Did you know that the segment of "Sex and the City" being aired tomorrow in Thailand has been censored by the ban-it-all Singaporean government?...
The sanitation process starts with HBO Asia sending the original tape to all countries it services, according to a source at the cable TV operator United Broadcasting Corporation (UBC), the monopoly distributor of HBO Asia in Thailand. Each country red flags the scenes it wants deleted and returns the tape. HBO Asia reviews the tapes and makes a one-tape-fit-all version, says the source, who requested anonymity.
...If you were to put this situation in the series, the main character, sex columnist Carrie Bradshaw, would likely muse in her own think-and-type style, "I couldn't help but wonder, shouldn't censorship be left to each country's judgement? Do people in Thailand really want the Singaporean government to say what's proper for them?"...
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