How many 7-11s?

How many 7-11s? - August 18, 2004
(from CP7-11 speeds up expansion, Bangkok Post, August 18, 2004) ...Under the new plan, the total number of 7-Eleven stores in Thailand will reach 2,847 by the end of the year.
This aggressive strategy is aimed to take on increased competition from Family Mart, a direct competitor, which is aiming to double the number of its outlets to 500 by the end of this year and Ek-Chai Distribution System Co, the operator of Tesco-Lotus Express supermarket chain which plans to expand its outlet location to shophouses after previously operating only at petrol stations.
Furthermore, an alliance between the Allied Retail Trade Co and co-operative grocery stores under the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperative will result in a new modern look for the 6,000 cooperative grocery stores nationwide within the next three years.
...He said the convenience store business in Thailand was not saturated at the moment noting that in Japan and Taiwan, there were one 7-Eleven outlet for every 3,000 customers while in Thailand the ratio is one to 10,000, presenting the opportunity to triple the amount of convenience stores...
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