Violence mars Thai Olympic celebration

Violence mars Thai Olympic celebration - AP, August 18, 2004
...The violence rattled Udomporn's mother Sasithorn, who on Wednesday ordered the local distributors of Coca Cola and Pepsi to dismantle stands they had set up in the street in front of their house.
Both companies claimed a special right to be there but complied with her wishes.
..."The house owner did not talk about sponsorship or anything. She just said that there was trouble last night and one person died in a shooting at the party, so they don't want more trouble."
Tai Wongsanga, the regional manager for Coca Cola distributor Thai Namthip, said the company had the right to set up a stand in front of the house "because Coke is the main sponsor for the Olympics."
His counterpart at Pepsi, Suthiwong Arbhathorn, countered that his firm had an equal right to be there as a proud local company keen to show its appreciation of Udomporn...
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