Thaksin is not Thailand, says Nation Group editor

Thaksin is not Thailand, says Nation Group editor - The Nation, August 22, 2004
Nation Group editor Thepchai Yong said yesterday Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra, in claiming that journalists critical of him "do not love the country", was seriously misguided about patriotism, leadership and what constitutes a nation.
"Prime Minister Thaksin is not Thailand," Thepchai said in response to Thaksin's harsh radio attack on Nation Multimedia Group (NMG) yesterday morning...
Thaksin claimed NMG "hates" him and that the hatred was harming the country. "I don't care that I'm hated, but please love the country. This kind of report damages the country."
Thepchai questioned Thaksin's motivation in using the media's professional criticism of him to induce nationalism...
Thaksin also criticised Krungthep Turakij in connection with the Krue Sae Mosque "knife" picture, saying NMG had "quality problems".
"I do not understand why," Thaksin said. "Does it personally detest the government or does it have quality problems like when it edited the picture of [a body of an alleged Muslim militant who died in clashes with armed forces on August 18]."
Thepchai said Krungthep Turakij had published immediate apologies following the unintended production error and that the issue was completely irrelevant to the village-fund scheme.
"We admitted our mistake, and we apologised immediately and wholeheartedly. But that issue has absolutely nothing to do with the research by the University of Chicago," Thepchai said.

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