Praising Thaksin for his GMO stance

Praising Thaksin for his GMO stance - August 26, 2004
(from Thailand May Overtake Philippines In Biotech Race, Manila Standard, Source: AgBioView Newsletter)
... Thailand is set to join other Asian leaders in the modern agricultural biotechnology following the lifting of a three-year ban on the planting of GMOs in that country, a move which may place the Philippines in the "laggard" category.
...Peczon said the government "must now examine its own position on the use of modern agricultural technology, particularly biotechnology." It must aggressively push for greater domestic use of the technology if the country intends to develop the capability to feed its exploding population, he said.
He said agriculture officials "must adopt the Shinawatra approach in dealing with anti-GMO groups." The implementation of food security policies must not depend on the intensity of the propaganda by these groups, but on the realities hounding the food production sector, he added.
He lauded the move by the Thai government, saying this will "send positive signals across Asia, and encourage other governments to adopt a more solid stand in the battle against hunger and poverty with use of modern technologies."
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