Democrat MP hit by billion baht lawsuit

Democrat MP hit by billion baht lawsuit - TNA, September 1, 2004
A Member of Parliament, star of the opposition Democrat Party is facing a billion baht lawsuit for defamation and damages brought against him by two satellite companies associated with the Shin Corporation.
The Bangkok Criminal Court has accepted the case filed by Shin Satellite and SC Communication against the Democrat MP, Sirichoke Sobha on Tuesday.
The two companies are affiliated with Shin Corp, which is Thailand’s largest telecommunication company, founded by the Prime Minister, Thaksin Shinawatra.
The two companies have accused Mr. Sirichoke of destroying their reputation during his censure-debate speech in May 2003.
Then, Mr Sirichoke had alleged that the two firms had avoided paying taxes, paid kickbacks to the authorities, and faked documents to illegally bring satellite receiver equipment into the country.
The trial is now scheduled to start before the Criminal Court judges on 1 December.
The two companies have also filed a liable lawsuit demanding that Mr. Sirichoke pay 11 billion baht to compensate the companies’ for the damage he caused to their reputation.
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