Speech style – Thai vs English

Speech style - June 7, 2004
Occasionally PRD has a good example in English of the Thai style of speechmaking that locals hear. 'Prime Minister Thaksin and The Southern Development' was given by the PM during his weekly radio address on May 1. The English version is more of an explanation of what Thaksin meant rather than a direct translation, but it shows some characteristics of such speeches --starting with a historical background, frequent references to HM The King's projects and views, emphasis on economic development and government reforms (via mainly transferring 'bad' officials), and an assurance that all is under control: …The government came from people; therefore, the government will have to do everything so that people can live peacefully. If there are any un-peaceful situations, the government must solve them. The reasons must be discussed. If an un-peaceful situation happens because of criminals, then the law must take action. If it is because of a misunderstanding in policy, then we have to talk…
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