Call for seaside photos

Call for seaside photos - June 9, 2004
From a reader: I am a primary school teacher... a here in Bangkok. This term, in history, I am teaching a unit taken from the British curriculum called Seaside Holidays in the Past. The scheme of work calls for pictures of beach scenes from (any time) between 1900 and 1970. While this is perfectly possible for British beaches it has proved to be a bit more problematic finding appropriate pictures for the mainly Thai children whom I teach.
I wondered whether you might be able to help me. I need any 'holiday scenes' at (most likely) Hua Hin, Bang Saen and or Cha Am - at least I assume these are the most likely spots. They don't have to show too much. The idea is that the kids can compare clothing styles, activities on the beach and in the water, and types of transport etc. with what goes on these days.
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