Something about Thailand in Clinton’s book

Something about Thailand in Clinton's book - The Nation, June 28, 2004
...Clinton wrote that the State Department, Defence Department and National Security Council wanted to extend direct financial aid to Thailand because it was the oldest US ally in Southeast Asia.
"So did I, but we let Treasury make the call. On economics and in terms of domestic politics it was the correct decision, but it sent the wrong message to Thais and across Asia," Clinton wrote...
Thai officials subsequently expressed their dissatisfaction with the US - particularly with Rubin, with Larry Summers, his deputy, and with Alan Greenspan, the Federal Reserve chairman, all of whom maintained their hawkish stance toward Thailand.
"We received no help from them, not a single dollar. And they also backed us into a corner by making us disclose our international reserves, which had been completely depleted by the baht defence," said a former Bank of Thailand official in an interview following the baht crisis. "We were told that most of the top US people had invested their money in hedge funds that attacked the baht. So they had no incentive to help us."
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