Script of Thai ethnic group refined

Script of Thai ethnic group refined - Viet Nam News Agency, June 29, 2004
[Ed.: Anyone know what is being referred to in this article?]
A research team of the Ha Noi National University has completed a project aimed at refining the system of writing of the Thai ethnic group.
The Thai script, belonging to the Sanskrit system, had been invented long ago and was used widely in the Thai people's daily life.
During the 1953-1957 period, at President Ho Chi Minh's initiative, linguists collected various scripts of the Thai ethnic groups to compile a unified system of writing.
The system was further improved in the 1958-1969 period.
With more refinement this time, anyone who can read an ancient Thai script will be able to understand the unified system of writing, according to Prof. Doan Thien Thuat, head of the latest research project.
Courses on the new Thai script are being held for officials of localities with large population of the Thai people, such as Mai Chau district of northern Hoa Binh province, Van Chan district, Nghia Lo township in northern Yen Bai province, and western districts of central Nghe An and Thanh Hoa provinces.
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