Heroin in hotels

Heroin in hotels - NME, July 4, 2004
[Interesting mention of a Bangkok hotel allegedly adding drug charges to the hotel bill.]
...Doherty was asked to leave The Libertines after walking out of a controversial rehab programme at Thailand’s Thamkrabok Monastery. Today he described the experience: “I’d only come out of the Priory a couple of days earlier so I’d been through all the shakes, vomiting and (sleepless) nights with cold turkey. Foolishly I didn’t do any research about Thailand before I went, and it was hardcore.
"On the third day I left and went to Bangkok. I booked into a hotel where they offered room service of heroin with my bacon and eggs. I told them I didn’t have any money but they said I could have it on tab. I notched up a £280 bill in three days. If I’d done the same amount of brown in England it would have cost me thousands.”

A longer version of this story in the Mirror.
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