What the foreign press thinks of Thailand

What the foreign press thinks of Thailand - May 5, 2004
Conor spotted this unflattering reference to Thailand in the Telegraph and commented "It’s like you can’t have any kind of story about Thailand without sneaking in a reference to sex!"
From Liverpool FC: the brand with a kick to Thai for, Telegraph, May 5, 2004
Sir Howard Davies, the former head of the FSA, now director of the London School of Economics, is just back from a trip around Asia. He reports that the Chinese insurance sector is opening up.
British companies are gaining market share ("a mis-selling scandal must be just around the corner" is his inevitable comment) and he also spotted a Thai obsession with Liverpool FC.
"For reasons no one understands, Liverpool remains the vogue team in Bangkok," he writes in his diary in this month's Management Today.
"The belief is that the brand has not been properly exploited. With aggressive marketing, the commercial spin-offs could be considerable. Can you buy Michael Owen condoms in Patpong? No, you cannot. There is clearly business to be done here." The trip wasn't completely wasted, then."
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