Interesting and strange articles

Interesting and strange articles - May 8, 2004
* Thai Premier Could Be Overthrown: Observers. Consider the source though...

* Ancient shipwreck in Thai Gulf a precious find (IANS, May 7, 2004)
Traces of a 400-year-old junk, or a traditional Chinese sailing ship, discovered by archaeologists in the Gulf of Thailand, could prove to be an important archaeological find, reports Xinhua...
Naval personnel first got an inkling of the ancient vessel last year when they retrieved the wreckage of a sunken gas tanker just two nautical miles away...
[This is probably the 'vertical wreck': (February 17, 2002) Frank Paschold has some photos on his site of the incredible "vertical wreck"-- the Pak One gas tanker suspended in the Gulf of Thailand. The latest news is that the Thai Navy is waiting for confirmation from the ship's insurer before blowing the ship up.]

* And this one is just weird--a paranoid tourist worried about strange looks from the locals: Wary tourist arouses suspicions in Bangkok (Seattle Times, May 7, 2004)
I arrived in Thailand anonymously on a typically balmy and hazy night. I left as Bangkok's most hated man. This, you must believe me, was not my aim.

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