‘Dude, Where’s my Country?’

'Dude, Where's my Country?' - The Irrawaddy, May 11, 2004
We just like this headline for an article about Burmese refugees: ...Now, plans are afoot to resettle 2,000 Burmese dissidents living along the border in Thailand to the US. Interviews are underway to determine who will leave for their new homes in America this coming June or July. At least they won’t have to constantly look over their shoulders to keep tabs on the immigration police.
But Ft Wayne, Indiana, is not exactly Rangoon, and many Burmese in Thailand fear that the movement is losing talented Burmese, who will relocate only to “disappear in the foreign land”, in the words of one exile.
Burma already has thousands of internally displaced persons in Karen, Mon and Shan states. Now the country has an increasing number of “externally displaced persons”, with new lives in democratic countries, with low morale and a burning desire to return home—where they belong.
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