What is Thai style?

What is Thai style? - Business Times, May 15, 2004
...This appealing and tremendously popular look experienced a growth spurt over a relatively short period, developing into a global trend, but almost inevitably, it also led to over-exposure as Thai Style was exported - practically wholesale - all over the world, with varying degrees of success. While it still carries a pleasing aesthetic quality, especially when properly and sensitively executed, those in search of something more elusive - such as outright originality - have started to look elsewhere.
Thailand's reputation as a centre for Asian craftsmanship remains undiminished and the design-conscious crowd still flocks to Thailand in droves, but Thai Style itself has morphed into something completely different. There has been a gradual shift towards a less conventional, more contemporary approach to interior design, spearheaded by a group of progressive young Thai designers who have recognised the need to stop living the cliche, as it were, and to start thinking BIG - as in the Bangkok International Gift Fair, the long-running and highly successful trade event that has become the premier showcase for interesting new ideas in the lucrative product design, home accessory and decorative item industries.
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