Media fan anti-Thai feelings in Phnom Penh

Media fan anti-Thai feelings in Phnom Penh - The Nation, May 24, 2004
...The latest victim was Thai Ambassador to Cambodia Piyawat Niyomrerks, who gave an interview to a group of Khmer-language dailies on the important role of the Thai and Cambodian media in bilateral ties.
Some of the dailies, however, regarded the envoy's comments as insulting and demanded he issue an apology. The demands were all made by papers affiliated with the Sam Rainsy Party.
The SRP has a history of exploiting nationalistic feelings against Vietnam, claiming the neighbouring country has invaded Khmer territory and that Cambodia is being overrun with Vietnamese. Now, it appears to be trying the tactic with Thailand.
The Cambodian media's criticism of Thailand has intensified since the general election in July last year failed to produce a coalition government of the major parties, the Cambodia People's Party, Funcinpec and the SRP. Some observers say Thailand has been targeted by the Cambodian political parties through the media in an effort to drum up more popular support to increase their leverage at the negotiating table. Arousing feelings of nationalism is a common tactic here that often brings successful results.
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