Gay Isaan movie wins hearts, prize at Cannes

Thai film at Cannes - May 26, 2004
Don points this article about the highly unusual decision by the Cannes jury to explain its choices to reporters. Here's what was said about the Thai film that won a jury prize: ...The jury did not reveal individual votes but hinted at some differences. Its jury prize for the Thai film "Sud Pralad," which sharply divided Cannes audiences, also split the jury, "but some of us were moved by that film to a staggering degree," Tarantino said, and so dissenters on the jury respected their passion.

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..."Tropical Malady" stood out from the other 19 films in competition because of its personal, less-commercial style, critics said.

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Don points out the latest comments from the Cannes Film Festival: Two other official entries left me more than indifferent. Both "Sud Pralad," from Thailand, and "Woman Is the Future of Man," from Korea, were reluctant to reveal a structure or purpose, and meandered through artsy nothingness. The Korean film at least centers on three characters we're free to speculate about as they drift through a reunion, but the Thai film was a meditation on portentous but incoherent themes.
Earlier: Thai debut in Cannes competition bewilders critics - Reuters, May 18, 2004
Thailand made its debut in the Cannes film festival competition Tuesday but the surreal jungle allegory "Tropical Malady" left critics bemused.
Some walked out of the press screening, others booed at the end of a movie that clearly bewildered them...

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